From daily bid sheets to drying schedules, there are many situations where a PDF may be added directly to the navigation bar on a website as a distinct menu item. Most often, this link was created during the development of the website, and at some point, this document may need to be updated with new information. This is something that can be managed from the Bushel-powered Website Admin.

How to Update a PDF on Menu Item Links

  1. Login to the Website Admin here:

    • This can also be accessed by adding “ /admin”  to the end of the live website URL - (ex:

  2. Locate the Website/App Configuration section and click on the Site Template tool.

  3. Locate the navigation bar and click the pencil icon to edit menu items.

  4. In the new window that opens, locate the menu item where the PDF is linked and click the pencil icon here to make changes to that tab.

  5. To upload a new PDF to this tab, click the “Choose File” button located below the menu item settings to search for the file on your computer. Double-click the new PDF and to select it.

  6. Click the “Upload File” button so that the file will be available on the live website.

  7. Once this is finished a message will be displayed indicating whether the upload was successful or if it failed. 

    • This could take a minute or two for large files.

  8. When you see the “SUCCESS” message, click the “Done” button at the bottom of the Edit Menu Item window

  9. Click the “Done” button again in the Edit Menu window. The changes should now be live!

If you have any further trouble, please reach out to our Support Team by one of the following ways: