Push notifications are a convenient and powerful way to communicate with your producers. Additionally, with mobile carriers such as Verizon, At&T, Sprint and others making texting and SMS communication less reliable push notifications are quickly becoming the gold standard.

This means it is import to ensure your producers have their notifications enabled on their devices! Finding notification steps for iOS and Android are similar, but due to some slight differences, we will walk through each separately.


1. Find your 'Settings' App
2. In settings go to 'Notifications'

3. Find your elevator's Bushel-Powered App

4. Toggle "Allow Notifications" to the left, the switch should now be green.

5. You can choose what style of alert you would like, e.g Lock Screen, Banners, Etc.


1. Find you 'Settings' App

2. In settings click 'Notifications'
3. Click "See All"
4. Find your elevator's Bushel-Powered App.
5. Toggle "Show Notifications" on, it should be blue

6. You can further customize your notifications from there.

There are a few reasons a producer may not be seeing notifications they would expect to see.

Not seeing notifications sent to a specific location?
A user must be logged into the app and have/had business with that location. I.e. current or past tickets, contracts, balances.

Not seeing any notifications?

Make sure the user has notifications enabled. It can be useful to uninstall the app and reinstall it if there is any question. This will prompt the user to allow notifications again via prompts in the app.