CMS Analytics Glossary 

These analytics are the APP ONLY

The information will change based on the tab you are looking at.


  • All Visits  in the last 30 days

  • You can change the graph’s metric by clicking on the graph icon at the top right corner. 

  • May change the time frame of the graph at the bottom right corner, where the default is 30 days or 6 months depending on the tab you are on 

  • Exporting the graph is at the bottom left with the export icon

  • Save the graph as an image with the image icon on the bottom left 


  • Shows all the pages that are viewed in the app 

  • Pageviews vs Unique Pageviews 

    • Pageview: The number of times this page was visited.

    • Unique Pageviews: The number of visits that included this page. If a page was viewed multiple times during one visit, it is only counted once.

  • Bounce Rate: The percentage of visits that only had a single pageview. This means that the visitor left the app directly from the entrance page.

  • Average Time on Page: The average amount of time visitors spent on this page (only the page, not the entire page)

  • Exit Rate: The percentage of visits that have left your website or app after this interaction.


  • Shows you overall where the mass of your visits are coming geographically

  • Can change the map from World-Wide to a specific Continent at the bottom right 

  • Can change the Metric measure at the bottom right 


  • Highlights where the users are visiting from and how many actions they are taking real-time

  • The bigger the circle the more users