During our validation call you will be receiving an email from TestFlight, the email is sent from [email protected], with a link to view your company's test app in TestFlight. If you have not previously downloaded the TestFlight App, you can do so by opening this email on your Apple Device, and clicking here. Installing TestFlight now will expedite the installation process during our validation call.

  1. When you receive the email from TestFlight one of two options will be presented
    1. There will be a blue button that says "View in TestFlight"
      1. This will open the TestFlight app and prompt you to install the test app.
    2. There will be a code that you can redeem in TestFlight
      1. If you have this you will have to
        1. Copy the code from the bottom of your email invitation
        2. Open the TestFlight App
        3. Click the "Redeem" button
        4. Paste the code and push "Redeem"
      2. Once that is complete you will be prompted to install the test app.

Note: You will be prompted to enable notifications the first time you open the app after your first login or the first time you continue to the app. You can turn them on if you would like; however, we will typically not be sending notifications during our validation phase, and we will go over that in more detail during the soft launch phase.