You will be prompted to download the app. You may be warned that the app could be dangerous, but this is due the app not going through the validation steps before being listed in the live Play Store.

  • In rare cases instead of prompting to download the app it will direct you to an unrelated website.
    • If this happens press and hold the link until the copy option pops up
    • Select Copy or Copy Link
    • Go to a web browser on your phone, paste the link as the URL, and press enter on the keyboard

Depending on your Android operating system the app will do one of the following...

  • Immediately begin the installation process after downloading
  • It may alternatively create a notification confirming the download is complete.
    • If it created the notification without installing you will have to swipe down from the top, and select the notification indicating the completed download (This may vary depending on your device)
    • This will prompt the installation to begin.

Please note that if you have not previously installed a 3rd party app you will have to agree to permissions or adjust some settings dependent on your device.

If you experience any issues outside of what is outlined above please let us know.